Tailoring Methods

Few break free from the pressures of conformity, convention must be challenged and existence redefined. Once boundaries are rejected, it is possible to believe that the world can be changed. Continental Mobiles was created to challenge convention and redefine ideals. Our skilled tailors luxury bespoke handsets for individuals that refuse to submit to a life of monotonous uniformity and that will only accept perfection in communication.

Continental Mobiles envisaged from the very beginning that each Continental product would be a timeless classic, reflecting British style, individuality and quality, rather than mass produced clichés. Boldness combined with old-world craftsmanship.

Our handset tailoring includes luxury bespoke exotic leather hides, 24k yellow gold precious metal, 18k rose gold precious metal, platinum precious metal, diamond encrusting, ruby encrusting, emerald encrusting & sapphire encrusting.

The Continental Mobiles collection is brought to you from the artistic vision of the world’s leading Luxury Telephony fashion house.


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