ContinentalMobiles.com – Bespoke British Tailoring for Luxury Mobile Phones and Exclusive Gifts.

Launched in September 2006, Continental Mobiles is the premier online boutique for luxury mobile phones and exclusive gifts.

Our unique mobile phones are individually hand tailored by expert craftsmen in England and incorporate a stunning array of precious metals including gold and platinum. Precious stones including diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, black diamonds and champagne diamonds are meticulously set by hand on our fine mobile phones.

Continental Mobiles are officially accredited by the British Jewellers Association. We are the only Telecommunications entity in England to achieve this member status.

We have been featured throughout countless publications from all over the world, consistently praised for creating "World’s First" custom pieces in bespoke communication.

  • Retailing in more than 20 countries worldwide
  • Painstakingly handcrafted by expert engineers
  • Appointed by the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia
  • Accredited by the British Jewellers Association
  • Featured in publications worldwide and on Sky TV
  • Launched the first Affiliate Campaign for Luxury Telephony in the world
  • Accomodated corporate requirements with major Middle Eastern provider, Batelco

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